The draft NEP 2019 still talks about the supplemental role of technology in education when the developed world has moved much ahead in devising technological innovations for improving pedagogy in education.

Is Draft National Education Policy 2019 Anywhere Near Education 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a reality across industries, and Education 4.0 is a necessary response to the requirements of Industry 4.0. No education policy today can succeed if it alienates itself from the needs of Education 4.0. Does Draft National Education Policy take this fact into account?

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The method of imparting education witnesses an enormous change in an OLE. Making a distant learner learn is not an easy task yet. It requires high level of creativity in designing an online environment which motivates the learners to sustain till the completion of the course.

How a True OLE is Essentially Built Around Interactivity

The success of an online learning environment (OLE) significantly relies on the integral component of interactivity. Instructional designers need to carefully chalk out a plan of coherently coalescing interactivity into the online course design.

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Online education’s tremendous potential to positively transform education may get marred if the e-learning market doesn’t overcome the existing barriers.

10 Barriers to Overcome for Growth of Online Education in India

Online education’s tremendous potential to positively transform education may get marred if the e-learning market doesn’t overcome the existing barriers. Government initiatives, resource mobilization, and change in people’s mindset are crucial for edtech companies to flourish in India.

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Despite reluctance on part of conventional education system to readily accept online learning as a viable mode of imparting education, online learning industry is making substantial (if not great) strides in mobilizing learners in its favor.

India’s E-Learning Market Outlook Showing Healthy Maneuvers

Favourable demographics, sizeable student population, and voluminous demand for education are strong drivers for e-learning industry’s vigorous growth. The industry’s growth outlook is extremely positive despite prevailing education structure being tardy in its responses to the latest medium.

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These Regulations lay down the minimum standards for granting the certificate or diploma or degree through online mode.

India Warms-up to Online Education, Initiates Regulatory Framework

UGC’s recent circular inviting higher educational institutions (HEIs) to submit applications for offer online programs is one more little step towards substantially embracing the e-learning in higher education.

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We provide you a brief about 10 such Indian Edtech companies who are creating an impact and becoming flag bearers of e-learning industry in India, creating a ground for the future.

Top 10 Indian EdTech Companies Making Long-Term Impact

The current e-learning market size in India pegged at around USD 247 million is just the tip of the iceberg to become visible shortly once the front-line EdTech companies get past initial market turbulence and organize the industry. Courseware World brings you a list of top 10 e-learning companies fighting to carve a niche and create a new market.

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The education sector is steadily moving away from the clutches of traditional systems towards a new digital and smarter transformation. The applications of AI and ML are tremendous in education.

Artificial Intelligence Shifting Education From Generic Classroom to Individualized Learning

Current education system is criticized for its inability to deliver tailor-made learning to all its learners. With the new technologies impacting our lives in improbable ways, education is no longer bereft of its advantages and actualizing models of learning hitherto only imaginable.

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Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and immersive experiences are today adding new heights how content can be better personalized and learning experiences better organized.

Personalized Learning as a Trend in India: Is Time Right?

Is it then right time to discuss personalized learning as a possibility to drive more purposeful learner’s engagement in India?

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E-learning platforms are changing the Indian education landscape by addressing the demand-supply gap of both students as well as corporate employees .

E-Learning Platforms in India Swiftly Catching Up With Traditional Methods

The Indian online education industry will grow from 1.6 million users in 2016 to 9.6 million users by 2021, says a report by KPMG and Google. Online education has shown

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Over 200 million students prepare for exams in India each year, and they are increasingly looking at vast pool of online resources to better compete.

Live Streaming Classes Prove to Be Rewarding for Edtech Companies

The paid user base for online education is expected to touch 9.6 million by 2021, according to a report by KPMG in collaboration with Google. Live streaming of classes online

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