The co-branded app is to use Disney's popular animation characters from movies like Cars, Frozen, and Toy Story.

Byju’s Teams Up With Disney to Teach Kids

Early Learn, the learning app by Disney and Byju’s, is targeted at K-3 students and will go live soon. The standalone app is to use characters from Disney’s Cars, Toy Story, and Frozen in the lessons.

Online learning and mobile learning is fast becoming a fad and everyone seems to be jumping into the fray, US-based The Walt Disney Co. being the latest. The conglomerate has teamed up with India’s online learning platform Byju’s in launching a co-branded standalone app Early Learn to tap K-3 students. The collaboration is likely to launch the app soon, may be next week or the week after, as per industry sources.

To bring early learners in its fold, Byju’s has been mulling over for long to bring cartoon characters in its course modules. That goal is seemingly realized now when Disney has given a go ahead for the app which is to use its popular animation characters from movies like Cars, Frozen, and Toy Story. In a first of its kind partnership in India, Disney is also believed to consider financial investments in Byju’s, but such agreements are yet to be fructified.

Byju’s and Disney have agreed on some revenue-sharing model for this app, exact terms are though not known yet. However, as per convention, Disney sets a 10-15 percent share in such partnerships based on the multinationals many such collaboration with industries like clothing, toys, automobile, etc.

The association with Disney is also in keeping with Byju’s aspirations to expand beyond India, and set a firm foothold in English speaking regions like US, UK. And Australia. Byju’s aggressive diversification of product range and its recent acquisition of Osmo, a US-based educational gaming platform, for about USD 150 million are good omen for its expansion aspirations.

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