Loren Roosendaal created a Learning Transformed video masterclass to address some of the toughest learning and development challenges and to help bridge the harmful knowledge gap among workforce.

Mind the Knowledge Gap with ‘Learning Transformed’

The knowledge gap impacts business growth, productivity and compliance issues. The business transformation expert Loren Roosendaal explains how learning can bridge it through his high-impact ‘Learning Transformed’ video masterclasses.

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Designing an effective online learning environment (OLE) requires strong pedagogical grounding.

10 Major Pedagogical Principles Shaping Online Learning

Online learning has been mooted as the most desirable form of learning these days. But why are they becoming so popular among the learners? Is it the technology that attracts the youth and professionals alike, or is it something beyond it?

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The education sector is steadily moving away from the clutches of traditional systems towards a new digital and smarter transformation. The applications of AI and ML are tremendous in education.

Artificial Intelligence Shifting Education From Generic Classroom to Individualized Learning

Current education system is criticized for its inability to deliver tailor-made learning to all its learners. With the new technologies impacting our lives in improbable ways, education is no longer bereft of its advantages and actualizing models of learning hitherto only imaginable.

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Flexibility of studying anywhere at any location, duration of programme, interactivity, communication, support services, etc. also come under the true meaning of flexible learning.

Flexible Learning, a Concept That Truly Resonates With New India’s Educational Needs

There is a consensus towards convergence of technology leading to more flexible learning which is believed to inculcate higher order critical thinking skills and generate deep learning.

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