The COVID lockdown period has witnessed an unprecedented rise in online learning! Schools, colleges, coaching institutes, and other educational organizations are briskly restructuring themselves for the new normal.

COVID-19 and Online Education in India: Trends and Emerging issues

A healthy trend for the growth of the online learning industry is on the cards, along with some issues.

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The company also cited how AI as a subject became accessible to the masses in 2019, with AI For Everyone which was launched in February, from and is taught by Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng.

Coursera Declares 2019 ‘The Year of AI’

The world’s leading global published latest learner trends and most popular online courses in its end-of-year round-up for 2019. AI came out as the most demanded subject accounting for nearly 2 million enrollments through the past year alone.

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Online MBA is witnessing more takers than before and there has been a rise of about 30-40 percent in applicants for online MBA in Asia-pacific regions.

Online MBA Slowly Gaining Currency Among Professionals in India

Given its numerous benefits, the online MBA is increasingly becoming the preferred mode for acquiring the degree by working professionals in India, a positive sign for the e-learning companies who are trying to make a mark in the industry.

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These Regulations lay down the minimum standards for granting the certificate or diploma or degree through online mode.

India Warms-up to Online Education, Initiates Regulatory Framework

UGC’s recent circular inviting higher educational institutions (HEIs) to submit applications for offer online programs is one more little step towards substantially embracing the e-learning in higher education.

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A cursory inquiry into the question how technologies influenced the field of education and learning in time.

Technology Driven Influences and Trends Changing Indian Education Spectrum

An ancestor from the previous century if happens to time travel would literally scratch his head on seeing everyone busy with their smart phones. These smartphones have also become a conduit for learning dissemination of late by integrating technological trends of many fields.

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