"The test prep, tuition, skilling, and career advancement markets aren’t bound by the approval process (as is the formal education sector) and hence they are adopting technology to gain reach and efficacy. Technology will democratize the enablement and training market in the non-formal sector," says Deepankar Roy.

Digitally Enabled Training Would Remain Focussed Around Easy, Quick, and Quality Content Creation and Delivery: MindScroll

MindScroll is a new-age, SaaS-based LMS which enables organizations to deliver, track, and certify online training courses. As a swiftly growing cloud LMS, MindScroll claims to have 99.8 percent uptime along with over 100 customers and 100,000 users.

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About 700 LMSes are available in the market today, some of which are installed type and others cloud based.

Learning Management Systems, Tools of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Learning

While learning management systems are making it easy for the teachers to create, manage and monitor their online courses, it is also allowing learners to fully manage and track their own learning by opening up new doorways towards flexible and individualized learning. Its potential to completely replace face-to-face classroom teaching in coming times can’t be negated.

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eSSential LMS includes the dominKnow One authoring platform, one custom course, and training content.

eLogic Learning Offers New Content Bundles as Complete Solution

The bundled software and content facilitates creation of e-learning solutions, right from authoring, editing, and delivering training. eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS includes the dominKnow One authoring platform, one custom course, and

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