The draft NEP 2019 still talks about the supplemental role of technology in education when the developed world has moved much ahead in devising technological innovations for improving pedagogy in education.

Is Draft National Education Policy 2019 Anywhere Near Education 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a reality across industries, and Education 4.0 is a necessary response to the requirements of Industry 4.0. No education policy today can succeed if it alienates itself from the needs of Education 4.0. Does Draft National Education Policy take this fact into account?

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NEAT, along with other similar government initiatives for use of technology in education and online learning, will have positive and far-reaching implications in the coming years. | Image: Pixabay.

The Impact GOI’s NEAT Scheme to Have on India’s E-Learning Market

National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) Scheme, a first of its kind public-private partnership for improving learning outcomes in higher education with the help of latest technologies, is bound to spur the growth of e-learning market in the country.

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These Regulations lay down the minimum standards for granting the certificate or diploma or degree through online mode.

India Warms-up to Online Education, Initiates Regulatory Framework

UGC’s recent circular inviting higher educational institutions (HEIs) to submit applications for offer online programs is one more little step towards substantially embracing the e-learning in higher education.

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