On December 5, 2019, Vaibhav Srivastava (R) and Milan Roy, both alumni of IIT Delhi, started Edvicer, an online platform to aggregate, compare and recommend online courses from all the major course providers.

Edvicer: A Curator of Appropriately Personalized Course Pathways for Skilling Online

With the help of AI, Edvicer makes personalized pathway of online courses for students and working professionals who are planning to get skilled in a particular area. The platform today compares more than 100,000 online courses offered by major platforms with the help of ML algorithms to rate the courses.

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We strongly believe that pure online, self-paced learning doesn’t work. So we devised a hybrid approach, where there is a balanced mix of online learning and offline community interactions and that works the best: Ms. Shweta Doshi

GreyAtom: A Balanced ‘Mix of Online Learning and Offline Community Interactions’ Works the Best

The Mumbai-based edtech company works to address the skill gap in emerging tech industry through well-structured learning path. Its learning platform, Glabs, provides hands-on coding lessons along with mentorship and

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Over 40 percent of AttainU students come from a non-coding background. As proof of our value proposition, we have had people without any degree go through our courses and get placed into fast-growing software engineering careers: AttainU CEO Divyam Goel.

AttainU: Centrally Defined Course Path Built in Line With Industry Partners, Delivered by Industry Expert Faculty

AttainU, the provider of online software education programs, claims to have achieved a 90-percent completion rate in its first batch.

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For existing workforce to be at par with the industry demands, upskilling and reskilling is the answer to fill the demand-supply gap and in turn open new career opportunities, feels Krishna Kumar.

As Digital Economy Training Company, Simplilearn to Stay Focused on Delivering Outcome-Centric Programs

In professional skilling and corporate training, Simplilearn has come a long way in about 10 years and is now coveting an INR 500 Cr revenue figure by 2021. With the highest course completion rate in the digital corporate training segment, the company offers a practicable mix of self-learning and instructor-led live classrooms for working professionals.

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