Within a span of just two years, EduRev is successfully running more than 1000 online courses for K-12, JEE, NEET, UPSC, CLAT, CAT, etc.

EduRev, a Successful Experiment Based on the Idea of Personalized Learning

The company’s recent rise is manifestation of how the idea of providing personalized learning to every student can turn into a leading online marketplace for educational content accessed by over 3.9 million registered users today.

Crystallizing of an Idea

Started as a B2B company in 2015 providing custom ERP solutions to schools and colleges, the founders of EduRev, Kunal Satija & Hardik Dhamija, transitioned into B2C in 2017 with the idea of revolutionising the way education is imparted in schools and colleges. EduRev is an abbreviation coming from the two words — Education and Revolution.

EduRev raised its seed funding from Singapore-based Jaarvis Ventures and Delhi-based Neebhaw Ventures to crystallize their idea in the form of an online platform for students, teachers, and institutes with tools to simplify learning. Within a span of just two years, the e-learning company is successfully running more than 1000 online courses for K-12, JEE, NEET, UPSC, CLAT, CAT, etc. offered by a network of more than 200 educators like teachers, publishers and coaching institutions associated with it.

Collaborative and Networked Learning

Based on a marketplace and revenue sharing model, it collaborates with teachers, experts, publishers and coaching institutes to curate their courses on their online platform with its technological support. The content is further reviewed by EduRev’s content curation team before it is finally offered to the students. Only the best courses conforming to the curriculum standards are approved. Thereby, it provides the students with the best of the educational content from the best of the teachers.

A registered student gets everything needed for learning at one place — engaging video lectures for conceptual clarity, detailed notes for better understanding, and online tests for assessment of learning. Its smart algorithm analyses student’s performance to help them improve their marks. It also does deep and detailed analysis of student’s strength and weaknesses to give them relevant feedback on their learning.

Moreover, it has EduRev discussion forums where one can connect with more than 2.1 million students and teachers for real-time doubt solving. The correct answers get upvoted and rated as is done in Quora and other such forums. With its latest offer of EduRev Infinity, it gives opportunity to students to unlock their infinite potential to learn any or all of the courses provided on EduRev’s platform. It has also launched more than 20 mobile apps for students which received more than 14000 downloads.

EduRev’s Recognition and Accolades

EduRev is a fast-emerging company awarded as ‘Start up of the year 2019’ by TieCON.  It also received the prestigious ‘Best App Award’ by Google in 2017 and ‘Editor’s Choice App’ on Play store. It was selected by facebook for its ‘FB Start Programme’. It got awarded by Shri V.P.Singh Badnore, Governor, Punjab for excellent work in the field of educational entrepreneurship this year in February.

EduRev guarantees improvement in scores to its students and aims to become everyone’s personal teacher. It offers courses in other Indian languages too apart from English, therefore reaching to students pan India.

The EduRev model of e-learning resembles that of e-commerce model of flipkart and amazon, or that of ola and uber for hiring cabs, or getting food through swiggy and zomato. All of them are based on the power of networking which has become important and easy with the help of internet and computing technologies.  

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