The newly introduced LMS on Next Education’s online learning platform enables student to get access to customized learning content and detailed lesson plans.

Launching the LMS, Another Feat in Next Education’s EdTech Initiatives

Backed by a strong R&D team, Next Education has been central in providing engaging learning solutions in K-12 segment. The company’s learning solutions has done tremendous structural improvements over traditional learning systems in school education to ensure quality in education.

Since its inception in 2007, Next Education has been a pacesetter in the EdTech industry in India. With its innovative learning solutions, it has been on an incessant quest to improve and grow itself with time. The latest addition to their diverse range of digital learning technologies is the new learning management system (LMS) on its NextLearning platform.

The New LMS: What Does It Do?

The newly introduced LMS on Next Education’s online learning platform enables student to get access to customized learning content and detailed lesson plans. Furthermore, adaptive assessments helps the learner to themselves ascertain their level of learning. It also provides the opportunity to connect with the teachers and peers synchronously as well as asynchronously, post their queries in the discussion forum, submit assignments timely and track their progress in accomplishing the assigned tasks.

The teachers can focus solely on learning as LMS has in-built feature for easy course management and tracking of homework and student performance. The LMS can provide a detailed analysis and report of the students’ learning, thereby assisting teachers and parents in gaining a comprehensive view of the learning achieved and the gaps which remain. The gaps thus found can be worked upon together with the learner to enhance performance.

According to Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO & co-founder, Next Education: “One of the reasons why schools do not thrive even when they receive enough funding to run their academic and administrative wings is the lack of proper academic benchmarks and effective ways to gauge learning outcomes. Adopting the LMS through NextLearning Platform will enable schools, which face difficulty in maintaining a consistent course plan, to execute changes in the curriculum design and syllabus based on the needs of the students. Moreover, these schools will also be able to accurately measure the individual performance of teachers and track the real-time progress of all courses efficiently.”

The LearnNext platform integrates ERP with LMS to fulfill both administrative and academic needs of a school. While Next ERP is an easy-to-use school management system, Next LMS aids in creating and sharing of assets to enable home learning. TeachNext is an optimal digital classroom solution equipped with digital learning content, innovative tools and unique assessments to make the classroom a fun place to learn in. 

Another domain which the company is looking after is assisting in training of teachers in technology enabled teaching by collaborating with institutes like IITs through MOOC platform. It also has an innovative solution NextLabs based on experiential learning approach that enables students to use hands-on activities to understand English, maths, science and robotics better. Recently, it has also introduced QR codes in its textbooks to make them more interactive.

The strong R&D behind the educational solutions the company provides is behind its consistent record of customer satisfaction. It provides a third-party (IIT B) developed objective metric to its customers to measure the quality of e-learning content. It has also developed standardised metrics to evaluate the quality of print content and ensure that the content complies with the pedagogical standards. The company also uses data from field regarding the usage of their products to address gaps and improve their products and services. With all checks and balances in place, Next Education is catering to the needs of quality education for school going students.

Next Education: About the Company

Founded by Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath, Next Education has headquarter located at Hyderabad. The company provides end-to-end educational solutions in K-12 realm for all stakeholders. The range of solutions comprise of curriculum solution based on pedagogical theory of constructivism, academic and administrative consultancy to schools, self-learning solutions for students.

The company has, till now partnered with over 12000 schools across the country. It has prepared about 10,000 digital learning modules and have reached to more than 12,000,000 students with the vision to provide optimal solutions for all K-12 stakeholders. It has a huge team of over 2000 people comprising of academicians, support engineers, R&D engineers, sales and marketing, digital artists and corporates.

The company was named among the 25 best e-learning companies at the Global e-Learning Awards 2012 and received the Innovation Excellence Award in Education in 2015 instituted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

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