Students love this program as this is possibly the only program that gives them an opportunity to think. The students keep getting the “aha” feeling as they go through the scientifically designed structured exercises, says WizKlub's Amit Bansal.

Why Technology Creating Skill Needs to Be Taught in Early Years: WizKlub

Bengaluru-based WizKlub believes in empowering learners in their early years and equip them with skills beyond the curriculum. Charting a different teaching-learning course than traditional one, its learning programs focuses on ingraining in young learners higher order thinking skills and technology skills like building and coding in the critical phase of learning.

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Penda Learning's game-based, standards-based science and math intervention resource helps students in grades four through 10 build their skills, close achievement gaps and have fun learning through the use of avatars and student-driven competition.

Learning 2020 Acquires Penda Learning

The acquisition will expand access to high quality science and math content proven to close gaps for struggling students and accelerate achievement for all learners.

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Gamification of learning has yielded good results, particularly in the area of revision and practicing of already learnt concepts in order to strengthen them.

How Mechanics of Gamification is Altering the Learning Dynamics in K-12 Segment

For more than a decade, the elements of game-design thinking has been utilized in varied fields for obtaining desirable outcomes. Gamification has been found to yield positive results in the formative learning stages of young learners in schools and hence being increasingly used by the EdTech companies.

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