The app has been downloaded by more than 5 million parents around the world and currently has over 300,000 active subscribers. | In pic (L-R): Anupam Dhanuka (Co-founder and CEO, Kiddopia), Anshu Dhanuka (Co-founder and CPO, Kiddopia) and Nitish Mittersain (Founder and MD, Nazara Technologies Ltd.).

Nazara Completes Majority Stake Acquisition in Kiddopia, a Gamified Edtech Venture

Kiddopia was launched in 2017 by husband-wife duo, Anupam and Anshu Dhanuka. The app became an instant hit and has reached the #1 rank in the kid’s category on the US App Store.

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The COVID lockdown period has witnessed an unprecedented rise in online learning! Schools, colleges, coaching institutes, and other educational organizations are briskly restructuring themselves for the new normal.

COVID-19 and Online Education in India: Trends and Emerging issues

A healthy trend for the growth of the online learning industry is on the cards, along with some issues.

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Students love this program as this is possibly the only program that gives them an opportunity to think. The students keep getting the “aha” feeling as they go through the scientifically designed structured exercises, says WizKlub's Amit Bansal.

Why Technology Creating Skill Needs to Be Taught in Early Years: WizKlub

Bengaluru-based WizKlub believes in empowering learners in their early years and equip them with skills beyond the curriculum. Charting a different teaching-learning course than traditional one, its learning programs focuses on ingraining in young learners higher order thinking skills and technology skills like building and coding in the critical phase of learning.

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Loren Roosendaal created a Learning Transformed video masterclass to address some of the toughest learning and development challenges and to help bridge the harmful knowledge gap among workforce.

Mind the Knowledge Gap with ‘Learning Transformed’

The knowledge gap impacts business growth, productivity and compliance issues. The business transformation expert Loren Roosendaal explains how learning can bridge it through his high-impact ‘Learning Transformed’ video masterclasses.

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On December 5, 2019, Vaibhav Srivastava (R) and Milan Roy, both alumni of IIT Delhi, started Edvicer, an online platform to aggregate, compare and recommend online courses from all the major course providers.

Edvicer: A Curator of Appropriately Personalized Course Pathways for Skilling Online

With the help of AI, Edvicer makes personalized pathway of online courses for students and working professionals who are planning to get skilled in a particular area. The platform today compares more than 100,000 online courses offered by major platforms with the help of ML algorithms to rate the courses.

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The company also cited how AI as a subject became accessible to the masses in 2019, with AI For Everyone which was launched in February, from and is taught by Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng.

Coursera Declares 2019 ‘The Year of AI’

The world’s leading global published latest learner trends and most popular online courses in its end-of-year round-up for 2019. AI came out as the most demanded subject accounting for nearly 2 million enrollments through the past year alone.

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We strongly believe that pure online, self-paced learning doesn’t work. So we devised a hybrid approach, where there is a balanced mix of online learning and offline community interactions and that works the best: Ms. Shweta Doshi

GreyAtom: A Balanced ‘Mix of Online Learning and Offline Community Interactions’ Works the Best

The Mumbai-based edtech company works to address the skill gap in emerging tech industry through well-structured learning path. Its learning platform, Glabs, provides hands-on coding lessons along with mentorship and

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Over 40 percent of AttainU students come from a non-coding background. As proof of our value proposition, we have had people without any degree go through our courses and get placed into fast-growing software engineering careers: AttainU CEO Divyam Goel.

AttainU: Centrally Defined Course Path Built in Line With Industry Partners, Delivered by Industry Expert Faculty

AttainU, the provider of online software education programs, claims to have achieved a 90-percent completion rate in its first batch.

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Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni: 'Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Quillionz is world’s first AI-powered platform that lets teacher/instructors build a host of quality quizzes and assessments within seconds.'

Nudging Learners With Right Questions, Key to Retention of Learning

Launched in 2018, Quillionz is an AI-powered, online question generator for creating a myriad of instructionally relevant questions within no time. The platform today is being used by over 10,000 members. An interview with Sandeep Kulkarni, Quillionz.

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For existing workforce to be at par with the industry demands, upskilling and reskilling is the answer to fill the demand-supply gap and in turn open new career opportunities, feels Krishna Kumar.

As Digital Economy Training Company, Simplilearn to Stay Focused on Delivering Outcome-Centric Programs

In professional skilling and corporate training, Simplilearn has come a long way in about 10 years and is now coveting an INR 500 Cr revenue figure by 2021. With the highest course completion rate in the digital corporate training segment, the company offers a practicable mix of self-learning and instructor-led live classrooms for working professionals.

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The draft NEP 2019 still talks about the supplemental role of technology in education when the developed world has moved much ahead in devising technological innovations for improving pedagogy in education.

Is Draft National Education Policy 2019 Anywhere Near Education 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a reality across industries, and Education 4.0 is a necessary response to the requirements of Industry 4.0. No education policy today can succeed if it alienates itself from the needs of Education 4.0. Does Draft National Education Policy take this fact into account?

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"In terms of testing, we have come a long way from pen and paper tests to computer-based testing at dedicated test centres and even online proctored tests from the comfort of one’s home," says Divyalok Sharma.

Computer-Based Testing and Online Learning, a Winning Combination in Today’s Busy Learning Schedule

Pearson VUE is no stranger to the world of computer-based testing and assessment. The well-known testing and assessment company is trusted by over 450 credential owners globally for developing, managing, and growing their testing programs.

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"The test prep, tuition, skilling, and career advancement markets aren’t bound by the approval process (as is the formal education sector) and hence they are adopting technology to gain reach and efficacy. Technology will democratize the enablement and training market in the non-formal sector," says Deepankar Roy.

Digitally Enabled Training Would Remain Focussed Around Easy, Quick, and Quality Content Creation and Delivery: MindScroll

MindScroll is a new-age, SaaS-based LMS which enables organizations to deliver, track, and certify online training courses. As a swiftly growing cloud LMS, MindScroll claims to have 99.8 percent uptime along with over 100 customers and 100,000 users.

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Online MBA is witnessing more takers than before and there has been a rise of about 30-40 percent in applicants for online MBA in Asia-pacific regions.

Online MBA Slowly Gaining Currency Among Professionals in India

Given its numerous benefits, the online MBA is increasingly becoming the preferred mode for acquiring the degree by working professionals in India, a positive sign for the e-learning companies who are trying to make a mark in the industry.

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"We have tried making an interactive platform for teachers who want to teach online. The features are aligned in a manner that a teacher gets all the required support and solution at one platform," says Mr. Shivranjan Kumar.

Learnyst to Scale Up and Expand to Major Indian and International Test Prep Markets

With Learnyst’s help, teachers now can create online courses and float them on white-labelled mobile/web apps branded in their own name. An interview with Mr. Shivranjan Kumar, Co-founder, Learnyst.

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Catering to the K-6 learners is one of the most difficult instructional challenges as the learners are so young that they cannot take responsibility of their own learning.

10 EdTech Companies in India to Follow for Innovative K-6 Learning Programs

K-5 segment is witnessing increasing number of EdTech companies trying their luck to lure early learners with their different solutions. However, not all are doing well! Here is a list of 10 EdTech companies with good future.

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Gamification of learning has yielded good results, particularly in the area of revision and practicing of already learnt concepts in order to strengthen them.

How Mechanics of Gamification is Altering the Learning Dynamics in K-12 Segment

For more than a decade, the elements of game-design thinking has been utilized in varied fields for obtaining desirable outcomes. Gamification has been found to yield positive results in the formative learning stages of young learners in schools and hence being increasingly used by the EdTech companies.

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