For creating personalized learning paths for each of its user, Toppr has created AI-based machine learning (ML) algorithms for operating its online learning platform.

Toppr Tapping Tier-2 Cities With Its Personalized Learning Modules

Learn how an offline contact strategy made Toppr where it’s today. The company has adopted a unique offline counsellor strategy under which it visits door-to-door to identify the needs of students. This has enabled Toppr to provide customized offerings and forge trust with learners and parents, and has accelerated company’s revenue from INR 3.7 Cr in FY 2016 to about INR 100 Cr in FY 2019.

Personalized Learning Toppr’s Way

Every student is different and hence the need of personalized learning to meet the unique learning needs is ever growing. Toppr, an online learning platform for class 5-12 school-going students, is on a mission to make learning personalized for all. For creating personalized learning paths for each of its user, it has created artificial intelligence (AI) based machine learning (ML) algorithms for operating its online learning platform.

The AI-based chat applications are provided with natural language processing (NLP) technique to provide immediate and 24×7 responses to Toppr’s more than 5 million registered users. The company offers four types of products to the learners — online classes, adaptive practice, mock tests, and live doubt sessions. The online classes are a mix of video classes, live classes, stories, and interactive concept building activities.

Adaptive practice ensures that each student is provided with conceptual practice starting from the level at which the student is — be it basic, intermediate, or advanced. Then, there are mock tests which include test series, previous question papers, and crash courses. The most interesting feature is the live doubts sessions wherein 24×7 help by live tutor is provided to the students in form of instant solutions to their queries and subject-related doubts.

Tapping Learning Needs of Tier-2 Cities

It is a widely-accepted fact that quality has often eluded Indian education system due to large population, lack of educational infrastructure, and glaring dearth of educational resources.  The congested classrooms, and even tuition centers, have a very high teacher-student ratio which takes learning far from being or becoming personalized. Toppr has succeeded in taking personalized learning to Tier-2 cities where the demand for quality education is on rise and people are willing to invest in their children’s education.

The company receives more than 50 percent of its revenue from Tier-2 cities itself. It has its presence in 13 states and over 25 cities. Easy availability of affordable smartphones and greater internet penetration in the country have facilitated the access to online learning for many. And, Toppr has succeeded in leveraging this scenario appreciably as suggested by over 10 million downloads of its app as of now.

How an Offline Contact Strategy Made Toppr

However, the prospects were not as bright as it is now for the company when it started operating initially. It even suffered a loss of INR 26 Cr in FY 2016. This was the time when it adopted an offline strategy of hiring counsellors-cum-salesperson on experimental basis. Ironically, not everything is online! This online-offline strategy is sort of innovative for a company which is substantially based on online communication. Well, the strategy seems to have paid off and has yielded good financial dividends as Toppr’s revenues touched INR 100 Cr in FY 2019 from INR 3.7 Cr in FY 2016. Not bad at all!

From its field research, Toppr realized that people had their apprehensions in opting for e-learning over face-to-face learning in after-school learning sessions for their children. The counsellors helped in instilling trust in parents and students about online learning and Toppr products. Instead of just selling any product to the learner, Toppr utilized a need-based customized solutions to convince people.

As said, this offline strategy worked and Toppr recruited more counsellors to drive its goal home. Today, Toppr has more than 500 counsellors which contribute to about 95 percent of their revenue generation. The company raised its user base along with revenue and was also able to raise funding of over USD 35 million from investors like Kaizen, SAIF, Helion, Eight Roads, and Fidelity Growth.

A right and timely strategy has indeed set Toppr into a trajectory where it is emerging as a strong competitor to other more popular e-learning companies in India like Byju, SimpliLearn, EduComp, Next Education, etc.

Toppr: About the Company

This Mumbai-based company was founded in 2013 by two IITians, Zishan Hayath and Hemant Goteti. It caters to the need of quality education for school students of nearly all central and state boards operating in India and those preparing for various competitive exams like that of engineering, medicine, and commerce along with national and state-level scholarship exams like NTSE, KVPY etc.

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