Learnyst was started in 2014 by Mr. Shivranjan Kumar and Mr. Shankar Mahesh with a vision to create a level-playing field for any teacher or educator who could provide quality learning to the students.

With Learnyst’s White-Labelled Web & Mobile Apps, Online Teaching Becomes Plain Sailing

Within a short 4-years’ time, Learnyst has succeeded in enabling the individual teachers, educators, and small-scale coaching centers to successfully run and sell courses online on its white-labelled platform.

Teachers are masters in pedagogy and experts of their own subject. However, they often lack the requisite technological skills and know-how of running an online academy. Learnyst is bridging this gap between pedagogy and technology with a SaaS-based online platform equipped with complete online teaching solutions that allows educators to create their own white-labelled web and mobile apps. In other words, Learnyst allows teachers to create online coaching branded in their name. It simplifies the entire process of online teaching by its easy-to-use, end-to-end technology solutions and services, thus creating an even field for individual teachers/tutors and coaching institutes to go online in sync with the demand of present times. 

Genesis: Why Should Big Edtechs Have All the Fun?

The popularity of big edtech companies like Byju’s, Khan Academy, Vedantu, WhizIQ etc. influenced individual teachers, small-scale coaching centers, and test preparation academies to go online and expand their reach. But, the technological challenges like that of content hosting, streaming, assessment analytics, and selling of courses posed a big challenge in their way to effectively deliver online courses.   Learnyst was started in 2014 by Mr. Shivranjan Kumar and Mr. Shankar Mahesh to meet this emergent need with a vision to create a level-playing field for any teacher or educator who could provide quality learning to the students. 

Learnyst’s Service Bundles: What All Can It Do?

Learnyst provides teachers with services at all stages right from the content creation stage to hosting it on the web. It offers features like adaptive streaming, secure branded learning apps, test analytics, marketing and selling optimization tools, and availability of course in both mode, viz. online as well as offline (in form of USB drive or SD card), and a customized payment gateway.

For educators new with the territory, Learnyst offers freemium period of 14 days for trial without the need of adding credit card details. It offers three types of subscription plans for its customers — Essential, Professional and Premium at an affordable price. The customer may opt for the one which best suits his/her needs according to the student base and traffic on its website.

Tools for interactivity and engagement are also available to the teachers like discussion boards, push messages, content dripping, and automated transactional mails for more personalized approach. Learnyst platform also allows teachers to host interactive course contents like SCORM/TINCAN, videos, audio and HTML articles along with allowing to create tests and quizzes. The teachers can also use the facility of mock tests with the provision therein for feedbacks from and course completion certificates to the learners for enhanced motivation and satisfaction. The payment gateways allows 100 percent of sales revenue to be directly credited into the teachers’ account.

For such platform allowing a macrocosm of content to be floated under a multitude of brand names, the talk of security is only imperative. There are layers of security in Learnyst. While its DRM encryption feature protects contents from theft, watermarking features and screencast restriction prevent plagiarism and secures course content. Hence, the teachers with quality content and passion for teaching online can float courses online in 3 easy steps in a matter of minutes by — creating their own website, uploading the course/mock test, and selling the course to targeted learners.

How’s It Been Doing So Far: Impact Assessment

Over 300 test prep institutes and educators have delivered around 20,000 courses and mock tests to over 1.3 million students through their branded learning apps using Learnyst. Since its launch in 2014, it has seen a 20 percent increase in customer growth and 80 percent customer retention rate. Learnyst has in fact become a beast of burden for teaching community by taking all the technological load and worry off the shoulders of educators.

All those juggling with individual software and solutions, LMSes, authoring tools, etc is now no more for a teacher naïve enough to not even know what all it takes to create an online course. Now, all a teacher need to do is to go to Learnyst and create a course in their own name. The platform is really prolific for those smalltime teachers who know only the content and nothing else, and who doesn’t have time, expertise, and resources to go all gung-ho about utilizing those individual software in piecemeal manner to prepare a course.

Assisting its client with course marketing tips, content creation, and financial guidance has helped Learnyst gain a loyal customer base. As of 2019, 350+ customers over the last 5 years have made a total of over 100 Cr revenue through its platform. Learnyst is swiftly expanding its market and is expecting to double its annual revenue by the end FY 2020.

What Now: Learnyst’s Future Trajectory

Amid yet-to-be unorganized e-learning industry, Learnyst seems to be well on its path of sustainability and scalability with its continued efforts to upscale its business. In June 2019, the company got selected as Amazon technology partners giving it access to amazon’s latest technologies like AI, machine learning tools, and technical assistance. It intends to provide better and more efficient services using latest technology to its customers. It has plans to penetrate into other major areas of Indian test preparation sector and foray into the international market by introducing features like language support, international payment gateways, and customer support system in place. It aims to serve more than 1000 test preparation institutes by the end of 2020. 

(The story has been created based on the inputs received from Mr. Vaishak Sankaranarayanan, Content Architect, Learnyst. Email: [email protected])